Elleaume, Nicolas

Adaptation of the socio-ecosystems of the Maurienne Valley (Savoie) to global climate change from the perspective of ecosystem services
WP5 PhD Student
This thesis project aims to operationalize the concept of socio-ecosystem while comparing the future of watersheds located in different mountain ranges around the world in the face of global climate change. Within the Trajectories project, the thesis is part of WP5 by contributing to the construction of adaptation trajectories of socio-ecosystems on the Maurienne Valley site.

Historical changes in the balance of land cover types (agricultural, urban tourist, urban industrial, forest) in the Maurienne watershed influence its ability to provide the services essential to the populations it supports. This territorial dynamic is underpinned by socio-economic and political developments, including the recent development of initiatives to address climate change. In order to understand how these new policies have interacted with the ecological and social systems (SES) that make up this watershed, at the local and regional levels, this thesis has the following objectives:
  • trace the history of interactions between institutions, actors and ecosystems since the 1950s;
  • describe the resulting socio-ecological trajectories in terms of ecosystem services;
  • work with stakeholders to build adaptation trajectories to the expected climate change.

Published on March 6, 2019