Grosinger, Julia

Analyse des interactions entre société et nature : intégration des services écosystémiques à la création de richesse en Maurienne
Doctorante WP3 – WP4

Le projet

The thesis, contributing to WP3 and WP4 strives to understand nature-society interactions through the concept of territorial metabolism in the Maurienne valley. Based on a system centred conception, it analyses the sustainability of the valley by looking at different social, wealth -creating activities which structure and influence the region’s social and ecological dynamics.

The method combines the ecosystem service approach (ESS) and material flow analysis (MFA) in order to picture not only the material and monetary flows in- and out- of the region, but to incorporate flows of immaterial benefits, and to unravel impacts on the (local) environment. Looking at the structuring activities individually allows to tackle their social and ecological inter- and independencies. In a further step the underlying power and relationship structures within and between these activities will be analysed. 

The overall aim of the thesis is to establish a multi-scale framework-tool for the diagnosis and prognosis for the sustainability of a region.

Publié le 16 mai 2019