Lopes, Gabriel

A multidimensional spatio-temporal for the analysis of environmental et territorial observations
Doctorant WP2


On Master degree, I've worked in the interoperability of Data sources from Brazilian Public Health System in order to allow health managers and decision-makers to find correlations between anomalies in newborns and bad habits from their mother, like usage of tobacco, drugs and/or alcohol during the pregnancy. This work was incorporated in a multi-disciplinary System to support the decision making process on Healthcare. After, I've worked as a temporary Professor at IFCE-Aracati (Brazil) teaching disciplines as Databases, Artificial Intelligence, and Programming languages. Also, before entering in Trajectories project, I was Project Manager in a multi-disciplinary project that aimed to improve the way of teaching, in a University at Ceará-Brasil, by incorporating the smartphone and an intelligent and integrated system.


In Trajectories, I'm working at WP2 which objective is to allow the interoperability among several datasets distributed in distinct observatories. Each observatory gathers data from its specific domain, e.g. LACS Sentinelle gathers physico-chemistry data from altitude lacs, and uses specific models to represent their data, which may differ between datasets. In order to allow the stakeholders to trace the evolution of a given field in observation, those data from distinct datasets need to be brought together. This is a big challenge, as each dataset may have specific properties from its domain and different ways to represent them. Also, there will be developed operators in order to explicit the evolution between versions of the same field in observation. These operators will allow the stakeholders to easily find those properties that had a growth, decrease, etc., between one version and another of the field.

Publié le 16 mai 2019